The Foundation block is a where you and your company needs to do your homework. Both you and I need know what type of customers you are providing a service for.

If you don’t have a clear vision or understanding who your customers are you need to figure this out. We provide an in-depth Online Marketing Strategy Workshop to pinpoint and focus on the who, what, and why.



Getting clear about why your business exists will help you define clear goals and design a focused online marketing strategy to achieve those goals.



What products and services do you bring to market in order to achieve your “why”. Think about your current suite of products and services and try to identify those that have the most impact on your customers and the business.



To identify who your ideal client is ask yourself this question: who stands to benefit the most from your products and services?



Identify SMART goals that will help your business better deliver those products and services that are the most valuable to your “why”.



When designing your website it becomes a team effort for both of us. We build the framework and the design and you will need to provide the content (images & wording).



A big part of you business has to do with the cost of services and products. It’s the same with a website. The money you spent is not just for a website, but our knowledge and expertise in knowing what and how to use the tools to help your business grow.

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This paid indepth workshop between you and I will help you know your customers by understanding the Why, What, and the Who. We will also go through how to Attract, Capture, Nurture, Convert, and Measure.

This is a paid service with Kelly Mann Consultant Services and payment will be made prior to the session.

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