The Building block is a where the rubber meets the road. Where all the magic happens. We set up a briefing between you and I to talk one-on-one and I’ll ask you some questions that will let me know just what you will be looking for. Why you need a website altogether or if you need a revamp of website you have. We will also discuss what your end goals are.

Most importantly, this is where Kelly Mann Designs takes what we’ve learned from you and translate it with our digital pencil to the digital white board.

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Receiving A Proposal

After having a successful meeting we will send you a proposal through email in the next couple of days. So be on the lookout from If you haven’t seen an email please check your junk mail.

Check out how to whitelist our email address HERE.

What’s great about how we do business is we are just like you.

We make it easy and fast to view and understand the proposal.

Here are the advantages when working with us.

Ease of Use

We don’t use Microsoft Word or Google Pages. We use an online program that can be seen just by opening your web browser.

Forwarding Emails

You have the option to forward the proposal to your colleagues along with a message.

Download to PDF

Need to print the proposal. Easy. Just download and it reformats itself to the standard A4 size for printing.

Signing Confirmation

After signing the proposal, you get an email with a link to the proposal you signed for your records.

Sitemap & Prototype

The Sitemap and Prototype are developed to show you the beginning steps of your website and to help you understand how the website is laid out and how it will initially look.


After we get done talking we will send you a simple sitemap that will layout what your website will look like at a 30,000 feet point of view. This can eliminate any confusion and we can be on the same page.

Minimal Design
Responsive Design
What's Required


Next we will build an interactive prototype of your website which you will be able to view in a website browser. Don’t get caught up in the details with this version. The design will show placement of sections and it gets us close real quick.

High-Fidelity Wire Frame
Design Ideas
Closer To Conception

Submitting Content To Us

Just like your proposal you will submit all your images and verbiage to an online program. There’s no need to upload anything in Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive. Once I’ve set up your account you will receive emails what I need from you.

Client Portal

A simple and clear portal where your you provide all of the content that I’ve requested. Here you can view instructions, enter content, upload images, upload files and more.

Follow Up Schedules

We know your busy and things will slip through the cracks. It’s normal. This is why we can create an automatic followup to help you stay on track.

All Content In One Place

There will be no confusion when you need to upload your information and files. You’ll receive a link to your portal and instructions.

Instructions To Guide You

We will easily guide you through the process with instructions. We can add images, screenshots or text to show you exactly what kind of content you should provide, what it’s for and where it will be displayed.

Design & Delivery

Once we receive all your content and the design is done you will be given the opportunity to give your consent and make any cosmetic changes*. After that you’ll receive the final product.

* Anything that is beyond minor changes will be charged an $100 hourly rate.


Here we will get down in the dirt, put our nose to the grindstone to deliver your interactive prototype to life to match your brand identity. This is where we spend most of our time.


It’s down to the end. Your website is almost complete. I will spend a couple of weeks from top to bottom looking at everything and making sure is tested through different browsers before deploying your brand new website to your hosting server so you can show it off to the whole world.


By building your website

Thanks for visiting!

If you have any questions just send me a message on any of the links below. If you need to chat just click on the chat bubble on the right.

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