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If you want to know more about me and why the way I am and how it has defined me for the good and bad just read below.

For the last 21 years all I’ve known is the Air Force. I’ve been an aircraft maintainer, mobilized Special Ops personnel and cargo during 9/11, provided Quality Assurance to our nations B-1 Bomber, and an Analyst for a multitude of aircraft around the globe to include supporting operations in Iraq and Qatar.

Kelly Mann

Kelly Mann

Founder & CEO

A little bit about me. I’m retired after a long stint with the federal government.

It wasn’t always the easiest trip through those years and surprised I made it all the way here, but I’m glad I stuck it out. It was well worth the ride until I met the worst person in the world. Yep, that’s you Tina and Kristin. (more on that later).

I’ve seen a lot and done a lot, been around the world and met and worked with some awesome people.

I grew up tied to the military with my dad flying B-52’s and B-1’s during the cold war. I’m a military brat, but I never really paid that much attention and my dad never brought work home so besides the moving around every couple of years life was normal.

Later in life I tried college and that crapped through. I like sleeping too much…

I came back home and worked at one of the best places to work, Blockbuster Video. I loved it, but glad I signed the dotted line to join the military when I did. Plus the pay wasn’t that great. Remember VHS? Yep, way back in the day.

Now the military. Dealt with bullies during basic training and tech school and moved on, but when I was 15 years in I met the two most crappiest people. What sucks is that these two were underminers, back stabbers, two faced assholes. You work and trained with those that are supposed to have you back, but only look out for themselves and pushed their personal problems on everyone else.

What’s worse is that these bullies drove me to Mental Health for anxiety, anger and stress management. I couldn’t cope and I decided one day coming back from lunch to get help.

For those that are reading this and think people should “Cowboy The F*ck Up” and deal with it are wrong. Your mindset needs to change and getting help shows you are the stronger person.

Get help, plus you end up learning more about yourself in the process.

I’ve also worked on the BUFF (B-52) as an Offensive Avionics Technician for a few years and then was able to move in my current Analyst position. I’ve worked on the B-52H Stratofortress at Minot, North Dakota, B-1B’s at Dyess, C-130’s at Kadena for Special Ops, and the F-16’s at Misawa.

I now have the opportunity to work with military business veterans no matter how many years they’ve put in. Signing the dotted line is best way to serve your country and I want to help them pursue their own business.


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